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B 1            What is the purpose of the Scriptures?  II Timothy 3:15,16
                  1.     Scriptures make us wise unto salvation through Jesus Christ.
                  2.     All Scripture is inspired of God.

B-2            Who wrote the Scriptures?  II Peter 1:21
                  1.     Holy men of God wrote the Scriptures.
                  2.     These men spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.
B-3            How are we advised to study Scripture?  Isaiah 28:10
                  1.     Precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little, there a little.
                  2.     Compare scripture with scripture.

B-4            How long does God's word endure?  I Peter 1:25 God's word endures forever.

B-5            Why were scriptures written?  II Timothy 2:15  For salvation and

B-6            to give us hope. Rom 15:4

B-7            Of whom do the Scriptures testify?  John 5:39
                  1.     They testify of Jesus.
                  2.     By accepting the Christ of the Scriptures we receive eternal life.

B-8            What does God promise us if we obey His will?  John 7:17 If we surrender to His will, we shall know which doctrines are from God and which are from men.

B-9            True from the begining. Ps 119:160

B-10          Eternal. Matt 24:35

B-11          Truth. Jn 17:17

We can know what God would have us do if we will study and then follow His Word.

PREVIEW: Next lesson shows how we can really trust the Bible as an accurate book beyond any book that ever existed because everything predicted has come true.

Proving the Bible is for real