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Walking with Christ and having the fruit of His Spirit are absolutely critical to personal outreach.

There are many fanatics and zealots out there in many different faiths and this hurts the cause of God. You can't demand people accept Christ. Bible thumping was never Christ's method. Learn more about how to win souls by Christ's method here.

GO BEYOND friendly. We need to “be” friends not just “friendly”.  Think to yourself, what do I expect from my own friends?  That is what you need to do.  Invite them to be your walking partner, calling them up just to talk, send a card on their birthdays, inviting them to dinner, take them dirt biking, etc. 

OK, so you want practical ideas for reaching out? Here are just a few ideas to get you going:

Friendship - Be like Christ in word and deed. Simple ideas you can use everyday!

Creation - There is evidence of creation, there is evidence of God.

Health Outreach - Ideas how you can reach out to people using the "right arm" of the gospel - health!

Small Groups - Create a small group with a topic you love and find ways to make it spiritual.

Literature Evangelism - Give away our message everywhere and anywhere! Keep tracts and cards in your pocket, purse, or brief case. Mail them out with your payments and letters.

Bible Studies and Bible markings - Tools you will need.

FREE Bible Studies for kids - Click HERE.

Clothing - Wear the message, share the message, declare the message. While wearing a shirt is NOT likely to convert someone, it is a great tool for a group of workers doing outreach and it can open the door to conversation

Online Evanglism - USE these Bible Message card images on social media.


Connecting with people of other faiths or specific groups:

Reaching people of different religions ... more>>>

Specific groups like bikers, homosexuals, or atheists ... more >>>


Why YOU???

Gospel commission:

"There are thousands of places to be entered where the standard of truth has never been raised, where the proclamation of the truth has never been heard in America. And there are thousands who might enter the harvest field who are now religiously idle, and as a result, go crippling their way to heaven, expressing their doubt whether they are Christians. Their need is a vital union with Jesus Christ. Then it can be said of them, "Ye are laborers together with God." I want to say to many, You are waiting for some one to carry you to the vineyard and set you to work, or to bring the vineyard to you, that you may experience no inconvenience in labor. You will wait in vain. If you will lift up your eyes, you will see the harvest ripe, ready for the sickle, whichever way you may look; you will find work close by and far off. But of how many will Christ say in the judgment, "Good and faithful servants"? I think how the angels must feel seeing the end approaching, and those who claim to have a knowledge of God and Jesus Christ whom He hath sent, huddle together, colonize, and attend the meetings, and feel dissatisfied if there is not much preaching to benefit their souls and strengthen the church, while they are doing literally nothing. . . . If their temporal, financial prospects are not as prosperous by moving to localities where the truth has not been proclaimed, or where there has been but a glimmering of light, will they not be doing just the work that Jesus has done to save them? We see the great need of missionary work to carry the truth not only to foreign countries, but to those who are near us. Close around us are cities and towns in which no efforts are made to save souls. Why should not families who know the present truth settle in these cities and villages, to set up there the standard of Christ, working in humility, not in their own way, but in God's way, to bring the light before those who have no knowledge of it?" {ChS 180}

Literature evangelism quotes.