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Reaching Youth is not as hard as you may think!

Youth are bored. We see it everyday. Having a youth group with events each month is the ideal to develop a solid youth ministry. AND please don't forget our own youth in the church NEED encouragment and support too. WE can do ministry work within the church!!

"It is the duty of every Christian to see that his example and influence are on the side of reform. Let ministers of the gospel lift up their voice like a trumpet, and show the people their transgression, and the house of Israel their sins. The youth need to be instructed. Our hope of happiness in two worlds depends upon our improvement of one. We should be guarded at every point against the first approach to intemperance. If we would preserve our children from evil, we must give them a right example, and then teach them to make God their fear, their wisdom, and their strength." {CTBH 30.2}


Programs for Youth

Game Nights

Clubs - mountain bike, skiing, etc.

Bible Study Outreach Group (fairly doctrine neutral and relevant to youth - how to pray, studing your Bible, dealing with peer pressure, etc.)

Bible Study Intreach Group (deep doctrinal studies to give youth a firm foundation)