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Reaching out to Bikers

Bikers sharing with bikers is the best tool for witnessing to that group there is.  They understand each other and the unique trials they share.  That said you can use most of the friendship evangelism technics listed in this website.  Start with turning your own life completely over to Christ.  If we are not fully converted ourselves we have little to offer others and conversion is NOT a lifelong process or complicated event.  Click here on how to be converted. 


Here are some tools just for bikers:

Steps to Christ for bikers: (This book came from a motorcycle chapter club – read here for the story).

Keep several of these books in your saddle bags at ALL times.  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide to as to when and who to share them to.  When sharing tracts it’s  not just about volume but of opportunity.   Sometime we see the quote “leaves of autumn” and forget there is ALSO more intimate evangelism as well. 

Pair up with more experienced riders and spend more time listening than talking.  Look for what is working and what is not.  Christ did not try to rip green fruit off a tree.  We have three types of outreach – seed sowing, cultivation, and harvest.  Be looking to see which of these three you need to focus on with the person you are talking to.  Initial contact is always seed sowing.  After you know something about the person you may be able to move on to cultivation – sharing more directly with the person.  And of course harvest is the joy of collecting the fruit and now the person is ready for in depth Bible studies and making a stand for Jesus.  More on this witnessing process here.

One biker stated this: “If God exists, knows all about your past yet still loves you enough to want a relationship with you, would you be interested?” Everyone I have asked has always said yes, even BIG bikers.”

Don’t assume a heart exterior is a hard heart.  Testimonies below show just how open gang bikers can be when NOT given up on!!!  You have to be patient and persistent!


Hold a Biker Event:

Do a fun ride (like a scavenger hunt)

Christmas in July toy run - announce in the paper asking people to hang NEW toys on their doors or in particular drop sites (for towns over 2000 people). Have at least 20 drop sites and collect the items riding your bikes. Have a car or truck to follow to empty the saddles bags as needed.

Food Bank Drive - same as above.

Win a set of Saddle Bags or other biker article - hold a best bike contest or most miles put on in the season. At start of season hold a fun picnic event record the mileage of each bike then end of season do it again.


Bike Clubs:

Start a neutral Bike club for those who want to travel together without the fuss of some of the clubs out there. You can also start a Christian club as well and hold some of the events above as a club ministry.

There is a whole ministry dedicated to motorcycle ministry with: Helpful Tips, Bible studies, Biker Camps, and more.


Adventist Motorcycle Ministry

Here are some inter-denominational tracts written for truckers, gangs, and bikers – may not all be doctrinally correct  - read carefully before ordering:

The following videos are from various Christians and may not believe all the doctrines as we do, but “I have sheep not of this fold” so we can learn from them and be inspired by them.  THE VERY BEST ONE is at the very end a hell’s angel who is converted after a man he shot prays for him.

Christian Motorcyclist Testimonies (great tips watch this whole thing):


Combine Biker ministry and Prison Ministry

(download video here – CBN)



Warlord Alfonso Aceves Testimony “Real Gangster - Mongols”


More testimonies


Almost a Hell’s Angel


Hell’s Angel’s conversion story after shooting a man who converts him with prayer


Keep your FOCUS.

As in any club style outreach there is the danger of forgetting your calling to share the gospel. Reading through one newsletter of a non-denominational group I didn’t hear testimonies of how to witness or how they touched lives but instead all about how much fun they had rocking and rolling with the band, partying, etc. As with any club, Christian or not, some join for fun and friends and not necessarily to reach out (NOT necessarily the clubs fault by the way – we have lots of churches playing church because the MEMBERS are not serious about salvation). Fun and friendship is bad, not at all, but you have to be decisive when witnessing. YOU CAN HAVE BOTH!!!!  BUT, Drinking and dancing at the same parties or making ‘Christian’ parties isn’t sharing the gospel in a determined Christ-like way.  Christ DID attend the ‘parties’ of His day, but His motives and actions were very much different than just having fun.  Join any group you can use to share the gospel, just keep your heart and eye on the prize!!!