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Moving to the Spiritual for those who do NOT believe in a Personal God - Part 1

Helping other discover they need Jesus and He is real and has something they need that can not be filled in any other way.

"Instead of disparaging Jacob's well, Christ presented something infinitely better. . . . He offered the woman something better than anything she possessed, even living water, the joy and hope of the gospel of His kingdom. This is an illustration of the way in which we are to work. It is of little use for us to go to pleasure lovers, theatergoers, horse racers, drunkards, gamblers, and scathingly rebuke them for their sins. This will do no good. We must offer them something better than that which they have, even the peace of Christ, which passeth all understanding. . . . These poor souls are engaged in a wild chase after worldly pleasure and earthly riches. They have no knowledge of anything more desirable. But games, theaters, horse races, will not satisfy the soul. Human beings were not created to be satisfied in this way, to spend their money for that which is not bread. Show them how infinitely superior to the fleeting joys and pleasures of the world is the imperishable glory of heaven. Seek to convince them of the freedom and hope and rest and peace there is in the gospel. 'Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst'". {Ev 267}


Show a Movie:

    • Hell & Mr. Fudge

    • Courageous

    • Inspirational True Stories


Hold a seminar that talks about spiritual things but not overly religious:

    • Dealing with Stress

    • Depression Recovery Program

    • Better Marriage Seminar

      Creation Evidence type seminar (DO NOT use a seminar that talks negativly toward evolution, but rather emphasis is on creation being a valid alternate theory. Remember stepping stones to help people change their thinking is critical!)

      Character First or other character seminar

      Building Better Brains



Moving to the Spiritual - part 2 (for those who have JUST discovered God is real)

Well this may seem alot like discipleship and it is very much related, we've separated it here because too often we assume people know alot more than they do. They need the basic Bible stories (not doctrine) and to be taught how to study (very briefly) and how to pray.


MORE Coming soon.