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Moving to the Spiritual - Those who are already "believers".

Some of those in your community are ripe fruit and they will come to a harvest program. "I have sheep not of this fold!" But many others are fearful or unsure of the "Adventists" because they've been 'warned'. Others are nominal Christians and not really studying their Bibles searching for 'truth'.

There is a series of books (designed a workshops) that your church may wish to consider that help better understand reaching people of various faiths.... more>>>


Some programs that are great for the 'transitional' stage:

Music Programs (Concerts - NOT good vs bad music)

Christmas Programs

Inviting other churches to help with a Community Service project like soup kitchen.

Week of Prayer

Prayer Walking Group

Movies - Courageous, Hell & Mr. Fudge, etc.


Doctrine Neutral Seminars: that are doctrine neutral like:

How to Heart Read Nature, Cross as Seen in Nature - Terry McComb

Astronomy for the Christian - Jim Burr, Terry McComb

Creation Seminars

Health Seminars that have a very strong spiritual component like Depression Recovery Program or In His Image - Terry McComb


After you've established a friendship and rapport it's time to run a program that will emphasize truth matters. You might be able to invite them directly to a prophecy seminar at this point or if you want to build more foundation you need a seminar that calls them out of Babylon. Reveals to them just how important truth is! That it matters what you believe as a Christian we are accountable for knowing our Bibles.


Call to Truth program:

OK, I am looking for ONE. My husband, several elders, and I have been considering developing one, but no sense reinventing the wheel. YES, many of the prophecy seminars fill this need if people make it all the way through the entire seminar but so often they are not ready for truth until they see truth matters. I have really been impressed that we need a specific program that addresses those from other churches, who may be not quite ripe fruit, from another point of view -- Truth matters. Until there is a program, you can do this on an individual basis through Bible study and friendship evangelism.

We need to establish 3 things:

Truth can be found - even though there are so many different religions and denominations. (Discuss: Why so many different ideas out there, How solid the Bible is in all it's versions, How God wants us to discover truth.)

Truth matters - Sharing why truth matters without becoming legalistic (we need both law and grace often has a legalistic overtone and is NOT entirely true, since God saves us according to what we know). Approach the subject from a three fold (there may be more) Biblical point of view.

1. God loves us we love Him - should we desire to know exactly what God has said for our own protection and guidance: "If ye love me keep my commandments" John 14:15. We don't need to go on and on about law is not done away with, etc. at this stage. IF they LOVE God and allow the Holy Spirit to work in their life they WILL come to this conclusion as the Bible studies progress. We are on legalistic ground FAR too often in so many of our seminars. Instead, share Bible stories of those whose lives were so much better for learning more truth like Ruth, Rahab, and Paul OR those whose live were miserable because they rejected truth like Saul.

2. Satan can cause us to fall without a foundation of truth, we need the armor of God found in His word.

3. We are accountable for what we have access to not just what we know - story of Pilot, the Gibeonites, etc.

How to find the truth - Surrender, Prayer, and Study. (How to study with the Holy Spirit interpreting scripture and NOT our past ideas, great preachers, or resourceful teachers. WE must be surrendered to what truth is, what it means, and how it will affect us. Discuss CBT - that our minds filter what we see and hear. Spiritualism and how we may have been influenced by charismatic leaders, TV, movies, and ideas - Pray for victory over.)


Remember decided exactly why you are doing a program before choosing one. More on why that is important here >>>