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Prophecy seminars are a harvest tool. We are told the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few.

Keep in mind the harvest can be done on it's own, reaching those the Holy Spirit has been working on, or it can be done MORE effectivily as part of an evangelism plan and cycle. If you haven't already, check out the system of evangelism here >>>

YOU can hold a prophecy seminar yourself or hire a professional.


Put on your own prophecy seminar:

PROS: VERY low cost, you get directly involved with the people coming to the meetings thus developing long term relationships, you can have more than one person present topics to spread the work load, people can be more open to non-professionals, you can cater the seminar to meet your local culture (IE: if your participants are mostly loggers or single mothers or blue collar workers or executives), and you can decide when and where to put on the seminar.

POSSIBLE CHALLENGES: It takes personal effort and time on the presenters part, you make not have the experience for difficult questions, it can be stressful to new speakers.


New Beginnings - by the General Conference is a ready made program DESIGNED for lay persons to do!

Seminars Unlimited - Has Share Him, New Beginnings, and many other resouces for putting on an evangelistic series.


Hire someone to put on a prophecy seminar:

PROS: They have done this before and know what works (for the most part), they are skilled and it is less stress for the church, less time involvement for church members (especially good for very small churches), a new face to advertise if your church has already done lots of meetings.

POSSIBLE CHALLENGES: Can get VERY costly, church members often 'relax' and forget their roles in soul winning, you are at the mercy of the presentor and they may not understand your local culture.


Your local conference often has a Seventh-day Adventist evangelist on staff. This will likely be the least expensive option. Contact your pastor/local conference for more info. They will also know if there are some independent, but acceptable evangelists in your area for hire.

Amazing Facts - Amazing Facts has Seventh-day Adventist evanglistics for hire that travel all over the USA, Canada, and the world. Phone: (916) 434-3880


IF you know a Seventh-day Adventist evangelist, please contact us so we can list them here!