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friendship evanglism

How You CAN DO IT!

Two directions for friendship evangelism. ONE developing new friendship and TWO cultivating old ones.

We all have friends and family we love and want to see in the kingdom of heaven. Our hearts are often heavy when we see them push away God or we are even fearful when we see loved ones heading down a path that leads to destruction. We should care! That is what love is. God does not sit on His throne only smiling at His loyal subjects, He longs over the ones who reject Him.

Friendship evangelism has two distinct parts. ONE reaching out to those we love and TWO reaching out to new people. Of course there are similarities, but really they are very different.


Reaching those we love:

This is the most difficult form of evangelism... more >>>


Reaching out to NEW contacts:

Friendship MUST happen throughout the entire ... more >>>