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Health Message Cards

Keep these postcards or business cards in your wallet to reach as many souls as possible.


These post cards are free for you to download, print, and use. But you can also purchase them from Higher Path in bundles of 1000 business cards for $50 us including shipping, for 1000 postcards.


Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School

4 x 6 POST CARDS: download print quality PDF or order here or click images for large view.

Vegan Cooking School postcard handoutsVVCS postcards

Add your church info FREE of charge on any order of 1000 or more cards.


BUSINESS CARDS: download print quality PDF or order here OR use the image below with link: to share on Facebook, Google+, etc.

front vvcs bus card



Newstart Lifestyle Club

BUSINESS CARDS purchase at Newstart's Store

Newstart business cards


Other cards, coming soon - bookmarker or postcard style - same price!:




Merry Heart - forgiveness & cheerfulness


Sunshine & Fresh Air


Plant Foods - Diet


Whole Wellness - laws of health overview


Mind over Matter - CBT


Water - inside & out


Country Living


Share the wealth of Health!