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Some of these ideas are very simple, but that does not mean they are not powerful!


Encouraging Bible Reading Tips

· Hold a Bible Read-a-thon for youth. This could be used as a fund raiser.

· Order Bibles from a Bible society to give away to children, teens, and
adults.  Have each church member write down a name and address of someone they’d like to give a Bible to.

· Give a gift to the people who bring their Bibles to Sunday School during the emphasis.

· Provide Bible reading calendars for all ages.

· Have Bible memorization verses for children and have them recite them during the morning worship time (Sabbath School leaders should be encouraging this, but do more than the simple, short verses in the lessons. Kids have supple minds and can learn long passages fairly easily).

· Bring in old family Bibles, Bibles in other languages, Bibles in various
versions and paraphrases, and create an attractive display.

· Provide Proverb's Journals for members to use. Reading a chapter of Proverbs each day is great for mental and spiritual health.

· Identify a special Psalm to read each week - post on the bulletin board.

· Share a favorite Bible verse each morning on Facebook. Sharing often helps you digest the text more.

· Write how the Bible passages affected your life this week in a journal.

The Power of Prayer - encouraging prayer in your church and home.

· Plan for a neighborhood prayer walk* for the area where your church is located.

· Have church attendees and members living in the same community plan a prayer walk for their areas.*

· Take the responsibility list for each class and divide the names on the list among the class members. Encourage people to prayer and contact the names on their portion of the list during the coming week.

· Pray for guidance to identify someone who is open to the Gospel and pray for the opportunity to share the Gospel with him or her.

· Identify one of the following groups as the focus of the church’s prayers for a week:

College and Young Adults
Middle and Senior Adults
Co-workers or fellow students
People who need salvation
Marriages in the church and community
Church leaders
Community leaders and public workers such as police and firefighters

· Plan small group prayer night.

· Plan a concert of prayer -- have a hymn then prayer, repeat.

· Plan an around the clock prayer vigil.

· Pray for the local school system, including public schools, Christian schools, home schoolers, and any institutions of higher education and training.

· Organize a Prayer Walk - Prayer walk has been called “praying on site with insight.” The goal is to pray while walking. You can do this alone, as families, in small groups, or large
groups. You can either pray for the area in which you’re walking or combine exercise with prayers. When you are praying for specific areas, your walking/praying sites can include workplaces, neighborhoods, sites of consecrated use, overlook view points, sites of trials and turmoils in the community.

General Encouragement

· Have class members contact a person in the church that has encouraged them.

· Have class members contact a person who is not in the church that has encouraged them.

· Do anonymous acts of kindness for someone this week.

· Start a Secret Sisters program

· Help decorate someones classroom.

· Bake cookies and give them away with scripture verse and recipe card.

· Pray for the requests made during your Sunday School class or small group gathering last week.

· Start a small group.

· Surprise a co-worker or fellow students with a "Thinking of You" card.

· Pay for the person behind you in church..

· Offer a sincere thank-you and a smile to someone who has impacted your spiritual walk.



· Hold a free a car wash sponsored by youth or the teen class.

· Provide free baby sitting for single moms in the church sponsored by adult and youth classes.

· Have Sabbath School classes sponsor a work and witness program to another church. Have them present the follow up pictures and report.

· Have “Blue Jeans” Sunday - clean up the church area and parking lot.

· Identify the senior adults in your congregation that need some extra help with home maintenance. Have teen and adult classes help them with their needs.

· Plan a car care day for senior adults and single moms in your community.

· Plan a trip to a nursing home in your community to visit and encourage the residents.

· Contact another church in your community and do a service project for them.

· Plan a trip to the nearest rescue mission, homeless shelter, or other service organization in your community.

· Plan a mother’s day or evening out. Have the teens help plan and carry out the activities for the evening.

· Provide some after school programs, including tutoring, for children in the church’s community.



· Plan a bike ride or walk-a-thon. Invite the community to join the fun.

· Host a vintage car show. Invite community people to show their cars.

· Have a cookout and service at a park or on the church lawn. Provide free give -aways for adults, teens, and children.

· Divide the congregation into small fellowship groups. Have leaders plan activities ranging from games to backyard barbeque's.

· Encourage inter-generational classes for a Sabbath. Have the adult Sunday School classes adopt a children’s or teen class and meet together for the lesson, food, fun, and fellowship.

· Plan a game night for the congregation. Ask people to bring table games and dinner (or provide popcorn and ask people to bring fruit.)

· Develop a presence on Facebook or other internet social networks.


Fasting is an exercise designed to bring the flesh under the subjection of the Spirit. The purpose of fasting, in combination with meditation and prayer, is to get you attuned to the Spirit so you can hear what God is saying and be guided to do His will.

· Have the pastor’s address the discipline of fasting in a sermon.

· Have each Sabbath School class or small group encourage members to fast one meal in the upcoming week. During the time the meal would have been eaten, ask the class members to spend that time in prayer and meditation. Provide a list of prayer suggestions for class members. (Note: Consult your physician beforehand if you have a physical condition that could be negatively affected by fasting such as diabetes.)

· For class members who, for health reasons, cannot fast one meal, encourage them to “fast” (or skip) another activity and use that time instead for prayer and meditation.

· Distribute to class/small group members a card or paper with Isaiah 58:6- 7. Ask them to meditate over this Scripture, and ask the Spirit to direct them in prayer for the 7 reasons Isaiah lists for fasting:

- To bring justice
- To undo heavy burdens and break the yoke of bondage
- To free the oppressed and loose the bands of wickedness
- To share food
- To provide shelter for the poor
- To clothe the naked
- To provide for one’s family

· Help children understand the concept of fasting by sharing the story of Esther. Encourage children to think of ways they can fast (food or activity) and use the time to pray for their friends and family.