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Top 10 Personal Excuses

1. I am afraid to talk to strangers (I'm an introvert, people don't want to talk strangers, it's weird, fear of rejection, people don't want to talk about religion, many, many objections fit into this one) Remember 3 things:

1. People need people. Sharing with someone in this world of isolation may be uncomfortable but people really do want to be liked ...more here >>>

2. God will give you power even if your emotions are screaming. If your fear is really strong you may need extra help. That's ok.... more here >>>

3. In researching this subject, I found one source that stated "only 25% unchurched persons will be resistant to faith discussions. But nearly 40% of the unchurched will be receptive... and 35% will simply be neutral." The few (less than the 25% but within that group) with antagonistic attitudes are not rejecting you; their anger is merely a reflection of something in their past. Another researcher found that 82% of people who do not attend church would GO IF INVITED!!!


2. I don't want to say the wrong thing and/or I don't know what to say:

Continue read this website and then you will have many ideas of what you can say, but to get started here is how to approach people....start here >>>

As for saying the 'wrong' thing. I worked on the crisis line (suicide intervention) and during the training the most common question was "What if I say the wrong thing?" The answer.... more here >>>


3. I don't have the time (or energy or I'm too old):

We all have the same amount of time in a day - 24hours. No one has more or less time. We all have to choose how to spend that time unless you are in the military or under guard in prison. But I understand being busy - home schooling, house work, running my own business, church offices such as head of the building committee and more. I have a lot of commitments and 'to do's'. So how do I find time?.... more here >>>


4. I don't have any money:

No money, No excuse .... more here >>>


5. I don't want to offend my friends and family or misrepresent Christ:

"He that loves ________ more than me...." Matthew 10:27-29.... more here >>>


6. Not my calling and/or God doesn't need me (I did not feel led to witness to that person; not my personality; I'm not a minister/evangelist; I am a prayer warrior that's enough):

All are called in some capacity to share the good news of salvation and the three Angel's messages .... more here >>>


7. I don't believe that you need to use words, you just need to live right so they can see your good works and they will ask me:

offend friends.... more here >>>


8. I believe that you must have a relationship with someone before you can witness to them:

offend friends.... more here >>>


9. I believe that religion is a personal thing and that we should not impose our beliefs on others (it's not politically correct ; all roads lead to heaven).

offend friends.... more here >>>


10. I'm not ready, I'm not good enough, I have issues with God - how can I witness when I am unsure myself?

Whatever you have to offer, you need to share. Sharing brings you closer to God and thus is a spiral effect ever widening your own spiritual growth as you share with others. BUT It is true you can share what you don't have.... more here >>>