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Here is an excellent resource by F.D. Nichol written in 1952 but still relevant for many of the most common objections to Adventist or questions about our beliefs. Click Here to download this PDF.


How can Adventist's be Sola Scriptura if they use Ellen White as a Prophet, and how can you prove she was who she said she was?

Full answer here.


Why Does God led bad things happen to innocent people while selfish and ignorant people get rich and have the good life?

Psalm 73. Read this Psalm and realize our lives on this earth are so short. Compare your tiny life of, at most, 100 years and measure that against the 1000's, no millions, no trillions, no.... ETERNITY of bliss with God in heaven. Ok that doesn't answer why, but it helps you get through trials and torment. But we do know why bad things happen... .more here >>>


How can you be sure the Bible is really from God?

See Bible Studies for more on God's Word.


What about Hell?

Dealing with questions about hell. Here is an excellent resource. Bible cards for sharing this website available here.


Resources for explaining Sabbath.

Study this website or share this excellent website that just focuses on Sabbath. Run by Amazing Facts it is an excellent resource.


Resource for dealing with Ghosts and Spirits.


The State of the Dead.



Resources for Difficult Bible Questions: - people discover what the Bible says about life's questions. Here you will find counsel, direction, encouragement, and help — all from God's word. Just type in a question in the search bar. This is an Adventist website with excellent Bible Answers to questions.

The small pocket book "Studying Together" by Mark Finley (available at your local ABC or Amazon) has some of the most common questions by different denominations as well as an excellent Bible Marking section.

Amazing Facts - has many, many resources for Bible questions. They have books, radio programs, pamphlets, and more. You can visit their store and click on "Study Helps" for all kinds of books on the subject of difficult Bible Questions.