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There are many ways to witness via the internet. Right now there is a REAL need for simple blogs, webpages, and websites just discussing conversion stories and testimonies. I've heard 100's of testimonies over the years but when doing a search online it is rather difficult to find stories. Enemies of the faith are much harder at work than are we and so more blogs and webpages of Adventists LEAVING the faith come up. We need to work to counteract the anger and mis-information!! Please let me know if you have a blog, Facebook page, or website that in anyway promotes the truth.



Coming soon. For now you can start with script writing basics. VERY important to have a script before you start.



Share AudioVerse with friends!

Record sermons and share with shutin's.

Put sermons on YouTube.


More on media ministry on this Facebook Group for SDA's and Media Missions. Media Mission


More coming soon or as soon as you share your ideas!