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ASI - is a membership that professionals and business can join. They have outreach projects you can support and membership meetings to remind you why you are here... learn more.

Here are just a few ways to get started with uniting your business with your religion:

Make Jesus your business partner.

Create a mission statement that involved Jesus your partner and publicize it.

Encourage the Fruit of the Spirit in the workplace.

Read Proverbs DAILY! Much wisdom on finances, business, and our responsibilities.

USE the resources of your business for reaching out - THIS will vary from industry to industry. Examples: Doctors can volunteer on the mission field, printers can offer 'at cost' or free printing to their local church, contractors can offer a non-profit discount or volunteer for an extreme home makeover. You get the idea.


PLEASE let us know what business you are in and what you have tried! Love to hear from you!!!

Businesses Reaching out to people and other businesses