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I am have nothing to offer

not good enough

OR I am not converted myself

If you really feel you have nothing to offer then you really need to take some time to cast your own cares upon the Lord because He does care for you and He does love you. Fully embrace Jesus by reading the Gospels and Steps to Christ. More on how to be converted here.

But if it's just that you don't "feel" good enough:

"The afflicted may take courage, the desponding may hope, for they have a sympathizing friend in Jesus. All our troubles and griefs we may pour into His sympathizing ears. When we associate together let it not be to talk darkness and unbelief, to recount the gloomy chapters in our life experience. Let us talk of the love of God that has been manifested to us, that is seen in nature, in the firmament of the heavens, in all the wise arrangements of Providence. Let us search out the rays of sunshine that have brightened our pathway, and linger over their memory with grateful hearts. Let us dwell upon the matchless love of Christ, for in Him we have a constant theme of rejoicing. In Him is no darkness. He is the Light of life, the Chief among ten thousand, and the One altogether lovely." {HP 273.4} "Those who have borne the greatest sorrows are frequently the ones who carry the greatest comfort to others, bringing sunshine wherever they go. Such ones have been chastened and sweetened by their afflictions; they did not lose confidence in God when trouble assailed them, but clung closer to His protecting love. Such ones are living proof of the tender care of God, who makes the darkness as well as the light and chastens us for our good. Christ is the light of the world; in Him is no darkness. Precious light! Let us live in that light! Bid adieu to sadness and repining. Rejoice in the Lord always." {HP 273.2}


What if you don't know your Bible very well. That is also not an excuse.

Share what you know. In the gospels, Jesus would heal a person and they left witnessing. All of a few minutes with the master and they were ready to share their testimony.

"Those who take their stand for the truth are to be organized into churches, and then the minister is to pass on to other equally important fields. Just as soon as a church is organized, let the minister set the members at work. They will need to be taught how to labor successfully. . . Some of the new converts will be so filled with the power of God that they will at once enter the work. They will labor so diligently that they will have neither time nor disposition to weaken the hands of their brethren by unkind criticism. Their one desire will be to carry the truth to the regions beyond." {Ev 354.1}

So what if your church is not providing the training? Ask your pastor, chances are he doesn't know you are interested and our church leaders are so busy they offend neglect or do not know themselves they are to train you. But you don't need to wait for a human to train you. God has many training materials available. Start here on the conversion page - scroll down to find "personal growth". You can also take a short or even a 4 month course at one of the evangelism institutes such as: Amazing Facts, ARISE, Weimar, or so on.... learn more

"The new believers are to be carefully instructed, that they may have an intelligent knowledge of the various lines of work committed to the church of Christ. One or two men should not be left alone with the burden of such a work." {Ev 338.3}

To learn your Bible more here are some study tips on PDF - click to download and if you like click here for Bible studies you can use.


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