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It's personal

Everyone needs to decide for themselves!

Sharing the Gospel with someone is the most loving thing that you can do.  It shows that you care about them.   It is a true act of kindness.  They just do not realize it yet.  But they will thank you for it when they’re in heaven.

"Many have an idea that they are responsible to Christ alone for their light and experience, independent of His recognized followers on earth. Jesus is the friend of sinners; and His heart is touched with their woe. He has all power, both in heaven and on earth; but He respects the means that He has ordained for the enlightenment and salvation of men; He directs sinners to the church, which He has made a channel of light to the world.-- The Acts of the Apostles, p. 122." {ChS 18.4}

"Watch for souls as they that must give an account. In your church and neighborhood missionary work, let your light shine forth in such clear, steady rays that no man can stand up in the judgment, and say, 'Why did you not tell me about this truth? Why did you not care for my soul?' {CS 189.4}

“You need to be tolerant.”  To be tolerant is: to allow to be without hindrance.  Satan wants to run his race without being hindered by us Christians. Being silent causes false religion demons to be able to run around with no obstacles and no restraint. 


BUT yes, we should be respectful of other people's views, ideas, opinions, and right to choose.

"At one time the disciples found a man who was doing a work in Christ's name, and John, relating the matter to Jesus said, "We forbade him, because he followeth not us;" but Jesus rebuked his spirit, and told his followers that "he that is not against us is on our part. The Way, the Truth, and the Life will be clearly revealed in the words, the spirit, and the deportment of those who believe in and learn of Jesus. Parents and teachers should manifest the tenderest interest and sympathy for those who are not believers in the truth. They should never, either by word or action, wound a soul, the purchase of Christ's blood. If the older ones manifest a cold, harsh, unsympathetic spirit, the children will manifest the same, and their characters will not be molded after the divine model. We must patiently educate the children and youth to feel that they are required of God to be missionaries, that they are not to be selfish, narrow, and bigoted, but broad in their ideas and sympathies. If all work in love and manifest Christian courtesy, they will be winners of souls, and will bring precious sheaves to the Master." {CSW 85}


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