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Relationship or Not

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Jesus did not have a relationship with the woman at the well, nor with Nicodemus when He witnessed to them.   It is actually harder to witness to those that you know or those that are your friends because of the fear of rejection. But there are tools for that too. Click here for more on friendship evangelism.

It is true, you can't just run around telling people that you love Jesus and ask them for Bible studies (although if done correctly even that could work). And it is also true we need to develop relationships and share the gospel that way. But those are NOT the only ways.

We can witness with more than words: "There are many lines of work to be carried forward by the missionary nurse. There are opportunities for well-trained nurses to go into homes and there endeavor to awaken an interest in the truth. In almost every community there are large numbers who will not listen to the teaching of God's Word or attend any religious service. If these are reached by the gospel, it must be carried to their homes. Often the relief of their physical needs is the only avenue by which they can be approached." {RC 254.5}

We can also witness by sowing seeds. A full Bible study leading to conversion is NOT the only way to win souls to Christ. We can be beacon's of light in a dark world. We can be tools of Christ used where and when HE needs us. God LOVES all souls, He is working to SAVE as many as will allow Him in. He is already trying to get them to see His truth. You many just be there to give a word in due season. Such is the stories we here in the testimonies of those engaging in Bible work or literature evangelism.


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