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Find the Time or use time wisely!

No time, too busy, too tired, too much going on. Jesus is coming soon will you be too busy for Him?

I've said it myself. We all have days or even months where we are just trying to get things caught up in life. But when those months turn into years we have a problem.

How do you find the time? First you have to accept that God does not ask you to do more than you are able. That simple. If you don't have enough time for sharing the gospel you have taken on burdens the Lord does NOT want you to bear OR you are using your free time for selfish gain and calling it 'recreation'. That can be a hard pill to swallow.

It is interesting the more time saving devices we have the less time we seem to have for people. Take life 150 years ago. If you need to get a message to someone it took days, weeks, or months. And it took you time to write it, time to get to a mail courier, or time for you to walk/ride to their home, etc. Dishes, bathing, laundry, cooking all took hours to do.

Priorities are for us to choose. Either your lifestyle is more important to you than God or you are not managing your time wisely. Money becoming an idol is a dangerous path. HOWEVER, believe it or not you can do something about that.

Sit down and list what you are spending your time on. Is there room for improvement in priorities? Is there wasted time you are not accounting for but God is?


Too old?? NEVER!

"I hope that none of those who have been long in the work will think that because they are growing old, they are incapacitated for service. I hope that they will stand up to bear their message as long as they have the evidence that the Lord is helping them. Edson [Ellen White’s second son], encourage the men who have long borne burdens in our work. Even though in their old age their memory may fail somewhat, yet respect them, and the Lord will surely bless you. And let no aged worker, although he is old and gray, think that he is released from service. Let the work be carried on in simplicity. Surely we have the Lord on whom to depend." Letter 102, 1910.


Ways to Witness that take no time

Here are just a few ways you can witness with little or even NO time at all.

1. Friendship evangelism. You have friends and family. Share with them.

2. Literature evangelism. Dropping tracts in the bathroom or sending magazine subscriptions to friends and family take little or no time out of your day at all. If you wait in line anywhere, then you do have time to witness to those next to you in line, wherever you are.

3. Support others financially. Believe it or not you can save souls with money. There are people called to further the gospel by sending money to others in the battlefield. Missionaries, Evangelists, Bible workers, all need resources and you can help them. The less time you spend the more money you should spend. Pray, self-examine, and ask others. There should be a sacrifice in your life. If you just giving the basic 5 or 10% of your income (above tithe I would HOPE!) and call that witnessing you are sadly mistaken. If you plan to use money as your own witnessing tool you better be sacrificing. There are MANY, MANY stories in Adventism on giving. People giving entire houses (and on a middle income - NOT rich) to charity.

"I call upon those whom God has made stewards of his means to send us financial help, and let those who are willing to go out as did Abraham, leaving country and kindred, come as missionaries to this field, not looking to the Conference to pay your expenses, or to support you, but looking to God for grace to diffuse the light he has given you." {RH, December 5, 1893 par. 9} Either Time or Money you choose - both are God's but you have the choice.

"There is no such thing as failure in this work. It is your privilege and duty to do now as your brethren did when there were but few friends of the cause of truth... We ask you to show your liberality by making investments in our publishing work (literature evangelism). It will do you good. Your money will not be lost, but will be placed at interest to increase your capital stock in heaven. Christ has given all for you; what will you give for Him? He asks your heart; give it to Him, it is His own. He asks your intellect; give it to Him, it is His own. He asks your money; give it to Him, it is His own." {4T 596.1}


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