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What if I say the Wrong thing?

Say it right

I might hurt the cause of God more than help it!

Saying NOTHING is worse than saying anything including "why don't you pull the trigger" to a suicidal person (sound's harsh but not it is important to understand that it is far worse to leave a person in isolation). YES of course there are MUCH, MUCH better things to say but we are talking worse case scenario - the truth is you can't really go wrong if you are moving out in prayer and faith. Trying is better than not doing anything. Wishing & hoping will NOT win souls.

Do you think spiritual life is less valuable than physical? When interacting with souls with a desire to share Jesus you have the Holy Spirit to rely on. FAITH is very key to this. Believe God will answer His promises to be with you in all situations. "With God ALL things are possible" Matt. 19:26.

Ok, but what is the right thing to say? How can you be the most effective?

FIRST its not what you say but how you say it that is of paramount importance!!! Loving interest that has NO agenda but the welfare of the person will open many closed minds.

SECOND start with common ground. What do you and that person have in common? What beliefs are similar? How can you share your beliefs in a way that lets the other person know you understand their position, their ideas.


Things to avoid on an initial conversation (unless prompted by BOTH the situation and the Holy Spirit):

The Sabbath - S of P tells us to avoid this as a first topic.

The Mark of the Beast - ditto from above.

Issues that cause hurt or anger in the other person (if you know what those are)

Arguing - Jesus NEVER fought or tried to "prove" anything. Follow His example. This goes for all conversations not just your first few!


Look at how to start a conversation here.


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