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The Power OVER Fear

We all know Phil 4:13 "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me." This is a promise we can rely on. But there are more direct Bible promises relating to fear and stepping out of your comfort zone. Proverbs 28:1 says the righteous are as bold as a lion.  If you are born again or converted, then you are righteous, so you do have boldness…it is there available for your underneath your fear.  Bind the fear and chose boldness.  HOW do you do that?

1. Claim Bible promises as you do a Bible study on fear: 1 Jn 4:18, 19 "Perfect love cast out all fear"; Ps 56:3 "What time I am afraid I will trust in thee"; 2 Tim 1:7 God has given us His Spirit of love, power, not of fear; Ps 55:22 & Matt 11:26-30 Cast your burden at Jesus feet; Ps 61:2 Stay in God's presence for strength;

2. Believe God's word - there is power in God's word as we have faith to apply it to our lives. Need more on this topic? Study "How To Get Converted" here.

3. Step out in faith. The power will NOT take away the fear, it merely gives you courage to do that which you are fearful. BUT each time it will get easier.

A classmate of my husband at Amazing Fact College of Evangelism was so fearful, so stressed to go door knocking he would get sick. Yup, physically and literally sick! After the course was finished he decided to do literature evangelism FULL TIME! How is that for getting over your fear! I actually have several stories of friends petrified of doing something for God and who, after doing it for some time, now enjoy it and do it regularly.

So what if that is not working for you. What if you have already done all 3 steps for some time but you still are stressed OR what if you can't get to step 3? you may find you need more help. That's ok.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a PROVEN technique without the psycho babble and is PROVEN to often work without any counselor or psychologist involvement. You can do it yourself for the most part - here is a short paper outlining what it is and how it works. The best couple books on the subject are (base on research by Dr. Neil Nedley): SOS Help for Emotions (available at for low price - excellent book - easy read, to the point for anger and anxiety - I've used this book in several seminars); Lost Art of Thinking (a good book on attaining your overall best mental health - covers CBT in general and many other topics); and

For very difficult or traumatic cases you may need a counselor and that is just fine. God has given many Christians the gift of counseling and I urge you to find a Christian counselor who understand CBT if you need more than a book can do. There is NO shame in improving your mental state and you will be a more effective witness if you have your head on straight.

So after CBT and after doing all three steps then what? Well, I'll be honest. I still get stressed talking to strangers and I have done all three steps for many years (BUT it is much easier now than years ago). So now what? Do it anyway. I don't go door knocking but I am not going to stop sharing the gospel because of fear. I still occasionally do Depression Recovery Programs, Stress Management Courses, and Cooking Classes even though I am uncomfortable with meeting new people. But since I am not as active doing one on one witnessing I use the many other methods outlined in this website and I am active in supporting other who do witnessing:

Literature Evangelism - Magazine subscriptions, letter writing, & handing out tracts (leaving them in Dr. offices, bathrooms, etc). ... more on tracts here

Friendship Evangelism - click here for LOTS more ideas!!!

Organizing seminars for other people - many churches need people to help with cleaning the venue, putting up posters, organizing materials, and so on.

Preparing power points for evangelist's, working on this website, & FREE poster design for outreach (I do what I do best!). I am a graphic artist by trade and I use that for helping pastors and evangelists who need materials. What are you good at? Pray and study ways you can use what you enjoy to reach out to others.

Because God has promised power we are the ones to make the choice. Full surrender and conversion or weak and wavering. Keep your eye on the prize. What you think on empowers or terrifies you. YOU have the choice, the control by your own thoughts.

"But there is no call for the indolent, the fearful and unbelieving, who by their lack of faith and their unwillingness to deny self for Christ's sake, keep the work from advancing. . . . . {MYP 34.2}
God calls for those who will be workers together with Him. Connected with Christ, human nature becomes pure and true. Christ supplies the efficiency, and man becomes a power for good. Truthfulness and integrity are attributes of God, and he who possesses these attributes possesses a power that is invincible." --Review and Herald, March 10, 1903.


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