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Review: Last lesson, we talked about the remnant; God's church, its standards, and the necessity of belonging to it.

INTRODUCTION:  This week, we are going to talk about baptism.

BA - 1       Is baptism important to a Christian?  Mark 16:16
                  1.     Belief and baptism go hand-in-hand and are connected with salvation.
                  2.     The result of refusing to believe and to be baptized is to be lost.

BA - 2       Did Christ leave us an example as to how he felt about baptism and its importance?  Mark 1:9-11
                  1.     Christ was baptized by John in the Jordan River.
                  2.     His Father showed His approval and blessing.

BA - 3       Why was Jesus baptized?  I Peter 2:21
                  1.     The life Christ lived on earth, is a model example for us to follow.

BA - 4       Is there a prerequisite to baptism?  Matthew 28:19,20
                  1.     Before a person is baptized, they should be taught the principles of God's word; therefore, we can preclude that a person desiring baptism should be able to make a conscious decision.
                  2.     We should be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

BA - 5       What mode of  baptism did the early church practice?  Acts 8:36-39
                  1. Belief is a prerequisite to baptism.
                  2.     The mode of baptism was by immersion.
                  3.     A person set apart by God performed the baptism.

BA - 6       What does baptism mean, and or symbolize?  Romans 6:3-6
                  1.     Death to sin.
                  2.     Burial of the old way of life.
                  3.     A resurrection to walk in newness of life.
                  4.     A memorial of Christ's, death, burial and resurrection.

BA - 7       Is it wrong to be baptized more than once?  Acts 19:1-5
                  1.     A person should be re-baptized when a "significantly new truth" is discovered, and our decision is to follow that new truth.
                  2.     Re-baptism is appropriate when-there is a revival of truth once held.

BA - 8       What will those saved be willing to do?  Revelation 14:4; 22:14
                  1.   The saved are willing to follow the Lamb wherever He leads and in what ever He asks.

APPEAL:  Christ's appeal to each of us to commit or recommit our lives to Him in baptism is one of His commands.  The question is, how will we respond. Please contact your local Seventh-day Adventist church and let them know you want to be baptized! IF you can't find a local church visit this website for more.