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Review:  Last lesson, we discovered that it is necessary for God's remnant church to have, in its midst, the Spirit's gift of prophecy.

INTRODUCTION:  This lesson we want to look at some of the descriptions God has given us of His remnant church.

RC - 1       What symbol does God use to represent His true church?  Jeremiah 6:2
                  1.     God likens His church to a virtuous woman.

RC - 2       Does God have a symbol to represent the false system of worship?
                  Revelation 17:3-5
                  1.     This description is in sharp contrast to God's true church.
                  2.     This church (woman) is designated as a harlot.  She represents an impure, false, confused (Babylon) system to worship.

RC - 3       What is one of the warning messages, God expects His true people to give today?  Revelation 14:8,15
                  1.     The message is that Babylon is fallen.

RC - 4       In view of the fact, then, that there are false churches, what is God's counsel to His faithful?  Revelation 18:2,4
                  1.     God calls His faithful people, in these last days, to come out of Babylon, so that we will not partake of His plagues.

RC - 5       When would God's true church come to the forefront?  Revelation 12:6
                  1.     The church was to be in the wilderness, or in seclusion, 1260 days.
                  2.     In our study, on the change of the Sabbath, we discovered that this period was known as the Dark Ages, and covered the period from A.D. 538-1798.
                  3.     God's true church must emerge into prominence after 1798.

RC - 6       What messages must God's church give to all the world? 
Revelation 14:6-12
                  1.     Return and worship God as the creator (Sabbath)
                  2.     The hour of His Judgment has come.
                  3.     Babylon has fallen, come out of the false churches.
                  4.     Warn the world against receiving the mark of the beast and God's wrath.

RC - 7       What are the characteristics of God's remnant church - the one the devil is so angry with?  Revelation 12:17
                  1.     They keep and teach God's commandments.
                  2.     They will have in their midst the gift of prophecy.

RC - 8       Is it absolutely necessary to make a change in order to follow Christ completely?
                  Matthew 12:30

Either we are totally for or totally against Christ. There is no sitting on the fence. Which side will I choose to be on?

PREVIEW: Next lesson we will talk about the new birth - baptism.