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Bible Marking

Review:  Last lesson, we discovered that the Sabbath is the seal of God and that it is necessary to keep the Sabbath in order to avoid receiving the Mark of the Beast.

INTRODUCTION:  This lesson shows how God wants us to keep His Sabbath.

SK - 1        What does the fourth commandment say about the Sabbath?  Exodus 20:8
                  1.     "Remember" to keep it holy.
                  2.     It is holy.

SK - 2        When is the Sabbath to begin and end each week?  Leviticus 23:32
                  1.     We are to celebrate the Sabbath from even to even.
                  2.     Gen. 1:23,31 - God measures a twenty-four hour day from even till even.
                  3.     Mark 1:32 - even begins at sunset.

SK - 3        Is there any reason for which we could excuse ourselves from Sabbath keeping?  Exodus 34:21
                  1.     Even in plowing time and in harvest we are to faithfully keep the Sabbath.
                  2.     Nothing is so important that it eclipses the Sabbath.

SK - 4        What are some things we are definitely not to do on the Sabbath?
                  Isaiah 58:13
                  1.   a.     Not to do our own thing.
                        b.     Not to find our own pleasure.
                        c.     Not to speak our own words.
                    2.   This day is devoted to God, it should be a delight.  Exodus 20:8-11  Not to work.

SK - 5        What is the day before the Sabbath called, and what are we asked to do on that day?  Mark 15:42
                  1.     The preparation day, take care of all the necessary duties to prepare for a relaxed day on Sabbath.

SK - 6        What did Christ consider important to do on the Sabbath?  Luke 4:16
                  1.     His custom was to attend church services on Sabbath.
                  2.     He was our example.

SK - 7        What is a good guiding principle for, do's and don'ts on the Sabbath? 
                  Matthew 12:10-12
                  1.     It is lawful to do good on the Sabbath.
                  2.     Does it make Jesus happy.

SK - 8        How long will the Sabbath be kept?  Isaiah 66:22,23
                  1.     We will continue to keep it throughout eternity.

May God help us to keep the Sabbath as he directed.

PROJECTION:  Next lesson, we will look at the "unpardonable sin". Is there a sin so great God will not forgive it? How many times can you sin before it's too man?