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Bible Marking

Review:  Last lesson, we discovered that the mark of the beast is accepting the false Sabbath, or Sunday, as our day of worship. In a broader sense, it is to worship man's way in place of God's way.

INTRODUCTION:  This week, we will see that God's people receive the seal of God.

SG - 1        What is it that God's people receive before the angels allow the winds of strife to blow?  Revelation 7:1-3
                  1.     God's people accept God's seal in their foreheads.

SG - 2        What is the purpose of a seal?  I Kings 21:8
                  1.     Ancient kings had a seal to authenticate their messages.
                  2.     All nations have their seal.

SG - 3        What is the connection, in God's word, between a sign and a seal?
                  Romans 4:11        
                  1.     A "sign" and a "seal" may be used interchangeably.

SG - 4        How is the Lord distinguished from other Gods? Jeremiah 10:10-12
                  1.     The Lord is the true and living God who made heaven and earth.
                  2.     All other gods shall perish.

SG - 5        What has God given us as His sign, or seal?  Exodus 31:13,16,17
                  1.     The seventh-day Sabbath is God's sign or seal to remind us that he is the one who sanctifies us.
                  2.     The Sabbath is a perpetual covenant.
                  3.     It is a sign that He (God) is our creator.

SG - 6        Where do we find God's official seal given?  Exodus 20:11
                  1.     A seal contains three requirements
                        a.     The Name
                        b.     The Title
                        c.     The Domain
                  2.     In the Sabbath command we find these three requirements.
                        a.     Name = The Lord
                        b.     Title = The Creator
                        c.     Domain = Heaven & Earth

SG - 7        What was God's purpose in giving us the Sabbath?  Ezekiel 20:12,20
                  1.     As a sign that He sanctifies us.
                  2.     So that we might remember Him as our God.

SG - 8        Does God give us a choice in whom we choose to worship and follow? 
                  Romans 6:16
                  1.     To whom we yield ourselves, his servants we are.
                  2.     Yielding to sin brings death.  Yielding to obedience results in life.
APPEAL:  We have a choice.  We can choose man's way and be lost or we can choose God's way and have eternal life.

PREVIEW:  Next lesson, we shall discover how God wants us to keep His special day and enjoy it.