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Bible Studies - Seven Last Plagues


Bible Marking

Review:  Last lesson, we talked about the three angels’ messages and the need to avoid receiving the mark of the beast.

INTRODUCTION:  This week, we will find out the fate of those who do receive the mark of the beast.

SLP - 1      How is God's wrath against those who persecute His faithful children demonstrated?  Revelation 15:1
                  1.   The seven angels pour out the seven last plagues which are the wrath of God.

SLP - 2      What are the seven last plagues?  Revelation 16:1-21
                  1.   The seven last plagues are:
                        a.     Painful sores.
                        b.     Sea becomes blood.
                        c.     Rivers and fountains become as blood.
                        d.    Sun scorches the earth.
                        e.     Darkness envelops the seat of the beast.
                        f.     River Euphrates is dried up.
                        g.     A voice is heard: "It is done! This is followed by thunder and lightning, earthquakes, the dividing of the great city, the fleeing away of every island, and the falling of the hail stones, each the weight of a talent.
                  2.     We definitely do not want these plagues to fall on us.

SLP - 3      Do these plagues afflict the righteous?  Psalms 91:7-10
                  1.     We may see the reward of the wicked, but it will not affect us.
                  2.     No plague will come near our dwelling.

SLP - 4      Notice how suddenly and unexpectedly the plagues fall on the wicked.  Revelation 18:8,10
                  1.     The plagues come in a day.
                  2.     They come very fast and unexpectedly.

SLP - 5      How may we be sure each one of us will escape receiving the effect of these plagues.  Revelation 14:12
                  1.     By having a close relationship with Jesus and pleasing him.

SLP - 6      Is there danger in putting off our decision to accept and follow Christ all the way?  Revelation 22:11-12
                  1.     When Christ comes it is too late to change.
                  2.     All cases are finalized before Christ comes.  The filthy remain filthy, the righteous remain righteous.

SLP - 7      What is the fate of those who refuse to make the right decision? 
                  Luke 13:24-28
                  1.     Many will try in vain to enter when the door has been closed and it is forever too late.

SLP- 8       When is it best to surrender to the Lord?  Isaiah 55:6
                  1.     The time to seek the Lord is right now!  (II Corth 6:2)

APPEAL:  The most important thing in life is that we make the decision to follow the Lord today, while we still hear his voice.  Then we will be ready and anxious for him to come.

PREVIEW:  We have made reference several times to the Mark of the Beast.  In our next study, we will find out what it is.