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Review:  Last lesson, we saw that Christ is our Intercessor or lawyer:

INTRODUCTION:  Now, we'll see several facts about the judgment in which Christ pleads in our behalf.

J - 1           Is there a specific time for the judgment and who is the Judge? 
                  Acts 17:31
                  1.     The judgment is at an appointed time.
                  2.     Christ is our Judge.

J - 2           What was included in the yearly sanctuary service in the Old Testament? 
                  Leviticus 23:26-30
                  1.     The Day of Atonement, on which the earthly sanctuary was cleansed, was a day of Judgment on Israel as the professed people of God.
                  2.     If they did not take care of their sins before this special day, they were destroyed.

J - 3           How does this judgment apply today?  Daniel 8:14
                  1.     As the earthly sanctuary was cleansed on the Day of atonement, so would the heavenly sanctuary be cleansed, beginning at the close of the 2300 days, or years - in 1844.
                  2.     As there was a work of judgment in the Day of Atonement, so there also is a judgment involved in the heavenly sanctuary.
                  3.     This judgment hour message is reflected in Revelation 14:7.

J - 4           Let's see what Revelation 14 has to say about the judgment? 
                  Revelation 14:14,15,6,7.
                  1.     This is speaking about the end of time, symbolized by the reaping of the harvest.
                  2.     One of the messages to go to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people is "Fear God, and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment is come: and worship Him that made heaven and earth..."

J - 5           Who will be involved in the judgment?  Ecclesiastes 3:17
                  1.     Everyone will be included in the two classes of people to be judged - both the righteous and the wicked.
                  2.     Jude 6 says that the evil angels will also be judged.

J - 6           How does the judgment apply to the righteous and the wicked?  When will this all take place?  Revelation 11:18,19
                  1.     The judgment may be divided into three aspects, just as our judicial system is.
                        a)     The Investigative - from 1844 and onward to the close of probation.  This includes the righteous and the wicked.
                        b)    The Judicial - pronouncing of the sentence (Rev. 22:11,12)
                                i.      If righteous one remains righteous.
                                ii.     If unrighteous one remains unrighteous.
                        c)     The Executive - carrying out of the sentence.
                                i.      The righteous are rewarded at the second coming with eternal life.
                                ii.     The unrighteous are rewarded at the end of the millennium, at the third coming, with eternal fire.

J - 7           What is the standard for the Judgment?  James 2:10-12
                  1.     The Ten Commandments.

J - 8           In view of the soon coming judgment, what are we admonished to do?  Ecclesiastes 12:13,14
                  1.     Our duty is to fear God and keep His Commandments.
                  2.     Everything we do, say, or think will be judged whether it is good or bad.

APPEAL:  How we act or think may determine our destiny.

PREVIEW:  We have taken a brief look at the first of the three angels’ messages.  Next lesson, we will study them in detail.