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ReviewLast lesson we discovered that God wants us to keep our bodies in the best possible condition.  We represent Him on earth and others see Him as they see us, His followers.

INTRODUCTION:  In this lesson we will take a close look at how Christ wants us to represent Him in our dress.

CD - 1       Let’s review a text that we used in last week’s study.  How are we to represent Christ?  I Corth 10:31-33
                  1.     Every Christian should make it their first and supreme purpose to please Jesus Christ in all that they do.
                  2.     The only way we can glorify God is to follow the principles He has laid down in His Word.

CD - 2       When did it become necessary to clothe the body?
                  Genesis 3:7,21
                  1.     Immediately after sin entered this world, Adam and Eve saw they were naked.
                  2.     They made fig-leaf aprons for clothing.
                  3.     Evidently, these aprons were not sufficient, for God made them coats of skins.  It became necessary to properly clothe the body.

CD - 3       What is God's caution concerning the type of clothing we wear?
                  Deut 22:5
                  1.     The woman shall not wear men's clothing.
                  2.     Man shall not put on garments worn by a woman.
                  3.     During the time period these words were written there was a heathen custom, (and this custom continues in some lands today), of a simulated change of sex for immoral purposes, men wearing women's clothes, aping their manners, and offering their bodies for immoral purposes.
                  4.     The original meaning for "that which pertaineth" is used for articles in addition to clothing such as jewels, weapons, stuff, armor, bags and furniture.
                  5.     God made mankind male and female, and the distinction thus ordained is to be honored and obeyed.

CD - 4       What characterized the heathen or those living in idolatry?  Hosea 2:13
                  1.     Those going into, or living in, idolatry were characterized by:
                        a)     burning incense
                        b)    wearing earrings and jewels
                        c)     going after lovers

CD - 5       What was associated with "strange gods" in Jacob's day, and what was the result when his household put them away?  Gen. 35:2-5
                  1.     What were those strange gods Jacob asked his household to put away?
                        a)     The idols they owned
                        b)    Earrings in their ears.
                  2.     Because they followed Jacob's advice, given him by the Lord, the terror of God was upon those people around them.  In other words, they then had God's blessings on them.

CD - 6       What are some things a woman should not do?
                  I Tim 2:9
                  1.     Women should adorn themselves in modest apparel with shamefacedness and sobriety.
                  2.     They should not adorn themselves with elaborate hairdos, gold, pearls or costly array.

CD - 7       If they are not to do these things, what is God interested in?
                  I Peter 3:3-5
                  1.     God created each of us to be unique and beautiful.
                  2.     God is pleased by our pure heart and meek and quiet spirit.  The change He has the power to make in our lives.

When we die to sin with Christ, and He moves in, all of these worldly things lose their importance in our lives.

PREVIEW:  Next lesson, we will talk about our response with regard to giving to God's work and stewardship.