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Bible Studies - Change of Sabbath?


Bible Marking

Review:  Last lesson, we examined every text in the New Testament that mentioned the first day of the week.  We found that none of these texts made any reference to worship or commanded a change in the day of worship.

INTRODUCTION:  This lesson, we will discover that the Bible writers predicted a change, but they did not authorize a change.

CS-1          Let’s review God's Command with regards to the Sabbath.  Exodus 20:8-11
                  1.     The only weekly Sabbath, or weekly holy day, ever mentioned in the Bible is the seventh day.
                  2.     Jesus, as creator, blessed and set apart this special day, so man could spend it with Him.
                  3.     In fact, He asks us to remember this special memorial of His creative power.

CS - 2        Could it be that God later changed His mind?  Psalms 89:34
                  1.     The Lord does not change what He has spoken.  Remember, He is all knowing and He knows the future.
                  2.     Knowing God's characteristics we can expect that the Sabbath, one of His commands, would stand forever.

CS - 3        Did the apostles infer any change in the Sabbath?  What day did they keep after the resurrection?  Acts 13:14,42;  18:4
                  1.     Fifteen to twenty-three years after Christ's ascension, Luke, the author of Acts, talks about the same seventh-day Biblical Sabbath being kept.
                  2.     Thus, it becomes evident a change was not made during the time of the apostles.

CS - 4        Did God predict that a power would arise, who would attempt to change God's Laws?  Dan 7:25
                  1.     "He" refers to activities of the little horn power (verses 8, 24).
                  2.     God foretold that this Roman power would think to change times and laws.  Since the only commandment in the law that has to do with time is the fourth, this change involves the seventh-day Sabbath.
                  3.     This power would successfully obscure the true Sabbath for a time, times, and the dividing of times - a period commonly known as the Dark ages, A.D. 538 to A.D. 1798.
                  4.     History tells us that Constantine in A.D. 321 issued the first Sunday Law.  The first law commanding Christians to worship on that day in place of the seventh, was issued at the Council of Laodicea,
                          A.D. 364.
                  5.     "The Catholic Church, for over one thousand years before the existence of a Protestant, by virtue of her divine mission, changed the day from Saturday to Sunday." - Catholic Mirror, September 23,1893

CS - 5        What about our Christian friends who keep Sunday, will they all be lost?
                  John 9:41
                  1.     None will be condemned for keeping the wrong day in ignorance.
                  2.     However, as we see new truths, we need to allow Jesus to make changes in our lives.

CS - 6        What is the Bible definition by which we can know what is sin for us?  James 4:17
                  1.     When a person knows, or has the opportunity to know what is right and doesn't do it, that person sins.

CS -7         If the laws of the land conflict with the law of God, what is our responsibility? Acts 5:29
                  1.     When faced with a conflict between man's tradition and God's law, then we ought to follow God.

CS -8         How important is our obedience to Christ's commands?  Hebrews 5:9
                  1.     We should obey Him who died to save us.
                  2.     Therefore, we should honor God, the ruler of heaven and earth, by keeping the day He has given as a memorial of His creative acts.

The choice is ours.  Will we follow tradition or will we follow our Savior?

PREVIEW:  Next lesson, we shall talk about just plain, Healthful Living!