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ReviewLast lesson, we talked about Heaven and the New Earth.  We found that, we could hardly wait for that special experience with Jesus and with each other.

INTRODUCTION:  Now we will discover how long the righteous remain in heaven and the condition of this earth during that time.

M-1           How long is the Millennium?   Rev 20:5
                  1.     The word “Millennium” is not found in the scriptures; it comes from two words: Mille = 1,000, and annus = year  The term designates that period of time following Christ's second coming.
                  2.     The rest of the dead (the wicked) don't live until one thousand years are ended.
                  3.     Reference is here made to the first resurrection.

M-2           Is there more than one resurrection?   John 5:28,29
                  1.     There is a resurrection for those who have done good - the resurrection of life.
                  2.     There is a resurrection for those who have done evil - the resurrection of damnation.

M-3           We discovered that when Christ comes, the righteous are taken to heaven.  But for how long?  What is one thing they will do there?  Rev 20:6,4
                  1.     We want to be in the first resurrection - because those will not experience the second death.
                  2.     The righteous reign with Christ for a thousand years.
                  3.     The wicked are raised in the second resurrection.
                  4.     A work of judgment is committed to the righteous.

M-4           What is the condition of the earth during this time?  Jeremiah 4:23-27
                  1.     The earth is without form and void.  There will be no light.
                  2.     There will be no people - even birds have fled.
                  3.     A great wilderness.  The cities are in ruins.  All will be desolate.
                  4.     Yet God does not make a full end.  Why?  Because more is yet to happen.

M-5           What happens to the devil during this period?  Rev 20: 1-3
                  1.     He is bound to this earth by a chain of circumstances.  Since the wicked are dead, & the righteous are in heaven, there will be no one to tempt.
                  2.     The devil will be loosed at the end of the thousand years for a short time.

M-6           What takes place at the end of the thousand years?  Rev 21:2,3
                  1.     The Holy City comes down out of heaven from God.
                  2.     God will come with and dwell with his people.

M-7           When the wicked dead are resurrected at the end of the thousand years, what happens to Satan, and what does he attempt to do?  Rev 20:7-9,14
                  1.     He will be loosed,     
                  2.     He will go out to deceive the wicked by marshaling them together to take the City of God which has come down to this earth.
                  3.     Fire will come down from God, out of heaven, and will destroy them.
                        a)     This is the only hellfire spoken of in the Scriptures.
                        b)    This fire completely consumes them.
                  4.     This is the second death.

M-8           What, then, becomes of this earth? Rev 20:15; 21:1
                  1.     If our names are not in the book of life, we will be destroyed by the lake of fire.
                  2.     Heaven and earth are recreated.
                  3.     This earth becomes the dwelling place of the righteous for eternity.

SUMMARY of the events marking the beginning of the millennium:
1.     Second coming of Jesus
2.     Resurrection of the righteous dead
3.     Translation of the righteous living
4.     Destruction of the wicked living
5.     Saints taken to heaven
6.     Satan bound


SUMMARY of the events marking the end of the millennium:
1.     Christ and the saints come to the earth with the Holy City
2.     Wicked dead are resurrected
3.     Satan is loosed
4.     Satan marshals the wicked around and against the Holy City to destroy it
5.     God destroys the devil and the wicked with fire.  That is hellfire!

We should let God guide us, so we can be within the Holy City and not without.  Won't it be great to live with God and with Jesus on the earth made new?

PREVIEW:  Next lesson, we shall discover what happens when we die.