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Bible Marking

Review:  Last lesson, we studied that there is ONE God with three parts and our limited humans minds can't fully understand what that means.

INTRODUCTION: In this lesson we will study more about the person of the Holy Spirit. Some think he is an it. Does the Bible agree?

HS-1      Jesus declared the Holy Spirit as a divine person. He not IT. Jn 16:7

HS-2      He is a personal being. Eph 4:30

HS-3      Part of the Godhead. Matt 28:19, 20; Acts 5:3,4 lied to the Holy God.

HS-4      Strives to be with us (leading and guiding). Gen 6:3

HS-5      Intercedes for us. Rom 8:26

HS-6      Has His own mind. Rom 8:27

HS-7      Bears witness of us. Rom 8:16

HS-8      Produces His fruit in our lives. Gal 5:22-26

HS-9      Works the transformation of character in our hearts. Ez 36:26, 27

HS-10    Participated in creation with the Father and Son. Gen 1:2

HS-11    Is eternal. Hew 9:14

HS-12    Guides us into all truth. Jn 16:13, 14

HS-13    Is God's teacher to us. Jn 14:26

HS-14    Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit as part of our salvation. 1 Cor 6:19-20

HS-15    Holy Spirit convicts of sin. Jn 16:8


The Holy Spirit is active in your life, convicting of sin and guiding you on the path of Salvation. Do you want to be lead? God will not force you must choose? Do you want to choose to follow God?

PREVIEW:  Next lesson we will study how you can CHOOSE to be saved from sin and death.