ALL TYPES of Evangelism IDEAS



I hope you've already read through the Stages of Evangelism, 5 Steps to Effective Evangelism, and "How to Choose a Seminar". Maybe you are just browsing for ideas and inspiration. Some of these are for public evangelism while others are for personal outreach and many have applications for both.

If you are interested in helping particular groups of individuals such as (but not limited to): Bikers, Youth, The Poor, Women, Single Mothers, Homosexuals, or Atheists click here for "Specific Groups" list.

If you are interested in helping people of a particular religious denominations, click here for our "Different Religions" list.

Concerns and Questions
small group ministry
specific groups
poor and needy or dorcus ministry
friendship evangelism
Health - the right arm of the gospel
literature evangelism
reaching different religions
Marriage seminars
Media ministry
Parenting seminars
Prophecy seminars
Clothing for Christ


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